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The overlapped target mark of the KNCAP symbol represents a strong belief of care and effort for well prepared tests.
In addition, the three-dimensional KNCAP symbol also expresses three-dimensinal approaches for the safety tests.
Also, Yellow and Black colorassociate with the target mark of the tests and safety of the KNCAP.
The inclined KNCAP characters reminds of the vision of speed.
so, This means the trust of the KNCAP and safety for vehicles.

What is New Car Assessment Program NCAP

  • NCAP is to test safety of vehicles through impact test, etc and open results of the test to the public to provide more broad choices to the consumers and induce manufacturers to produce more safe vehicles.

  • What is New Car Assessment Program image Execution of NCAP Provision of Information on Safety of Vehide Car Manufacturer Induclion to Marufacture More Safe Vehides Car consumer Reference in Purchasing Cars, Advocacy of safely Awareness Strengthening National Competiviveness Reduction in damage by Car Accicent and Reduction in Cost of Social Responsibility with the Supply of More Safe Vehicles
  • From 1999 to 2007, the evaluations about the frontal Impact and other 6 items had been reported for sedan vehicles of 49 models from 800cc to 2000cc and van vehicles of 2 models and small truck vehicles of 2 models from 2500cc to 2700cc, and the head-on collision safety, the broadside collision safety, the safety of head stand, the seat safety, the pedestrian safety, the driving overturn safety, and the braking safety of sedan vehicles of 8 models including two types of imported vehicles and van vehicles of 2 models were evaluated in this year.

    From 2009, we have a plan to add the offset head-on collision safety into evaluation test item.
    Target models will be expanded and test methods will be diversified gradually in the future to promote the improvement in safety of vehicles and provide more information to consumers.