• Braking Performance

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Braking performance Test

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Braking performance test provides the information on braking distance and vehicle stability during braking to the consumer and bring about recognition on importance of safe distance to reduce the car crashes.


Braking performance Test Method

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Test Road Surface Straight and Flat Asphalt Dry Road Surface: 20∼50℃, Wet Road Surface: 17∼37℃)
Test Lane Lane with width of 3.5m
Test Vehicle Vehicle equipped with ABS
Weight in Test Passenger Car Vehicle mass(N)+1,800N
Van Vehicle mass(N)+½ of Total Loading mass(N)(Including driver & test equipment)
Wind Speed Within the range that does not influence the test result
Test Speed 100 km/h
Brake Temperature before Braking Under 100 ℃
Foot Power of Brake Pedal Over 500N within 0.25 sec of initial operation, Maintenance of (+70,-100)N within 0.7 sec to stop
Location of Transmission during Brake neutral gear or engine disconnected
Test Equipment & Sensor 5th wheel sensor, Data Recording Device, Pedal force transducer, Brake Temperature Detector
Content of Test Measurement of Braking Distance & Vehicle Stability during Braking

Items for Braking performance Test

1. Braking Distance
  • The distance it takes for the vehicle to stop and the stability of the vehicle at the time of braking is evaluated for when the vehicle is stopped abruptly while traveling at a speed of 100km/h.
    2. Check Vehicle Stability during Braking
  • There were no test vehicles that went beyond the 3.5m line during braking.
    There were no test vehicles that went beyond the 3.5m line during braking image

Indication of Test Result

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