• Pedestrian Safety

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Pedestrian Safety

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Pedestrian Safety Test is the test to assess the protection of pedestrian by executing impact test on head and low limb where injury frequently occurs during the car to pedestrian crash.

2007 : Head
2008 : Head + Lower Limb

It is to provide the information on pedestrian safety to the consumer and induce manufacturer to develop vehicle excellent in pedestrian protection for the supply and spreading of safe vehicles.


Test Target

1. Test Target : Passenger Car
    2. Evaluating method
  • Calculating the head injury standard value after the impact test using adult and child head dummy
  • Calculating the body injury standard value after the impact test using upper and lower leg dummy
  • Estimating the evaluation level by contributing the evaluation point to the body injury standard value already calculated
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3. Evaluating procedure
  • Setup the normal condition of vehicles
  • Setup the evaluating region of adult/child head dummy
  • Setup the evaluating region of upper/lower leg dummy
  • Decision of impact position and execution of impact test
    4. Impact test (Head)
  • Test Speed : 11.1±0.2m/s
  • Test Angle : Child(50˚), Adult(65˚)
  • Test Frequency : 6 times with head dummy of child/adult within test range
    5. Impact test (legs)
  • Test Speed : 11.1±0.2m/s
  • Test Frequency : Total 3 times in evaluating region of leg dummy
    6. Indication of Pedestrian Safety Assessment Level
  • After combining the calculated point for each head dummy test range and classifying into 5 levels, indicate the highest level and lowest level with 5 stars and 1 star respectively.
  • Classify protection of pedestrian into 3 levels according to the range of injury in body and indicate the level with color at the front of car for each test area.
Section Protection of Pedestrian Good Marginal Poor
Color Green Yellow Red
Head Injury Criterion (HIC) HIC Under 1,000 Over 1,000 Under 1,700 Over 1,700
Test Measurement Lower Leg Bending Angle Under 15° Over 15° ~ Under 19° Over 19°
Shear Displacement Under 5mm Over 5mm ~ Under 6mm Over 6mm
Acceleration Under 150g Over 150g ~ Under 170g Over 170g
Upper Leg Load Value Under 5kN Over 5kN ~ Under 7.5kN Over 7.5kN
Bending Moment Under 300Nm Over 300Nm ~ Under 510Nm Over 510Nm
▲ Protection degree of the pedestrian safety
Injury Level Total Point
★★★★★ 25 ~ 30 point
★★★★ 19 ~ 24 point
★★★ 13 ~ 18 point
★★ 7 ~ 12 point
0 ~ 6 point
▲ Evaluation level of the pedestrian safety