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We will let you in on the motor vehicle recall center run by KATRI(Korea automobile Testing & Research Institute) of Korea Transportation Safety Authority
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What is the system of rectification of safety-related defects(motor vehicle recall system) all about?

The motor vehicle Recall System is a system that aims at the prevention of safety-related accidents and damages upon consumers and staving off recurrence as the manufacturer, etc. who manufactured, assembled or imported the corresponding motor vehicle notifies the corresponding consumer of [the fact of] the presence of defects and takes measures such as repair, exchange or refund, etc., in the event that the motor vehicle bears defects such as not being fit for the safety regulations or hindering the safe motor vehicle operation.

Certification system

Government of all nations worldwide are running motor vehicle certification system to secure the level of motor vehicle safety.
There are the formal certification system and the self-authentication system and, the certification system fit for individual nations are in operation after going over the fortes and foibles of both systems.

Classification Formal Certification System self-authentication System
Outline Confirm with the government whether the motor vehicle suits the safety regulations, prior to the sale. A system in which the manufacturer of his own accord certifies whether the motor vehicle suits the safety regulations, prior to the sale.
Enforcing Nations EU, Japan, China, etc. ROK, U.S.A., Canada, etc.
Follow-up Management Assessment of Suitability of Mass Production(COP) investigation of Safety-related Defects

ROK is executing the self-authentication System to guarantee the manufacturers’ maximum autonomy.
With a view to secure the level of motor vehicle safety, the government is running「self-authentication suitability investigation」and 「investigation of safety-related defect(investigation of safety defects)」.
As a result of investigation, in the event that a defect is present, we have the manufacturers take correctional measures for the corresponding defect and thus, beefed up the manufacturers’ responsibilities and duties.

self-authentication suitability investigation

This investigation is being executed as a method of having the manufacturer purchase at random the motor vehicle and components sold after undergoing self-authentication and verify the suitability of safety regulations.
The selection of motor vehicles targeted for investigation is being executed based on the establishment of annual planning taking account of not only the motor vehicles for which the consumers have filed complaints, but also the manufacturers’ sales volume.
As a result of this investigation, in the event that the motor vehicle is assessed as unsuitable for safety regulations, imposition of penalty surcharge and recall are proceeded simultaneously.

investigation of safety-related defects

The investigation of safety-related defects is a system where the manufacturer rectifies free of charge the relevant defect, in the event that it is recognized as a defect by conducting an investigation about the consumer’s information on the defect which might hinder safe motor vehicle operation and, it aims at having the government endeavor for the settlement of defects by immediately executing an investigation by virtue of information on defects such as reports of safety-related defects from consumers and civic groups, press release, etc. and inducing the manufacturer’s voluntary recall.

Execution of investigation project of safety-related defects

the Ministry of Land and Transport has authority of having the performance testing agency to conduct an investigation(self-authentication adequacy investigation and safety-related defect investigation) regarding this matter, when it’s necessary to verify the presence of defects in the motor vehicle manufactured and the like.
And KATRI(Korea automobile Testing & Research Institute) of Korea Transportation Safety Authority, who is the performance testing agent is conducting the actual investigation.