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Motor vehicle recall center

We will let you in on the motor vehicle recall center run by KATRI(Korea automobile Testing & Research Institute) of Korea Transportation Safety Authority
  • Motor vehicle recall center

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Introduction to the motor vehicle recall center

The collection and analysis of the information on safety-related defects may be said to be the most fundamental and crucial function of the investigation of safety-related defects and, other than the defect information filed with the motor vehicle recall center, the information on safety-related defects from hotline exclusively for reporting defects(080-357-2500), Korea Consumer Agency and consumer organizations are being shared.

The collected data are sorted out into defect content, motor vehicle models, devices, etc., and the frequency of incidence and continuation of the identical defect during a certain period, the presence of defects which have direct influence upon the level of safety and similar recall cases overseas, etc. are under analysis.

As result of conducting the analysis, in the event of possible safety-related motor vehicle defects, investigation of motor vehicle safety-related defect is suggested to the Ministry of Land and Transport. The motor vehicle recall center will channel its efforts into the protection of the life and property of the public by crushing traffic accidents in the egg owing to motor vehicle defects through the collection and analysis of information on motor vehicle defects.


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